Marston Smith ~ Bronze Sculptor
Aritst’s Statement

1993 a firestorm swept down the Malibu canyon that I live in.  I thought I knew everything and was prepared to stay and fight the fire.  I had a fire pump and my old motorcycle goggles but when the police cruiser drove by announcing mandatory evacuation I almost gave up and went with him…but I just couldn’t leave the house that I built with my own two hands.   It was too late anyway for the fire was here and it was insane.  Houses and cars exploded and I ended up in the swimming pool under my rowboat that I flipped over.  I thought I was safe because I could breath from the air pocket but the boat caught fire.   The experience changed my outlook on life and for a couple of years could not really find anything I wanted to do.  It was not until I discovered sculpture in European museums and the public art of her cities that it clicked.  I found I had a real passion for the ancient world with its courageous heroes, goddesses, and demons.  Sculpture allowed me to bring all of my dreams to life and bronze allowed me to love something that would not vanish in a blink of an eye, or in the next Malibu wild fire.

My art was influenced growing up in a family of deep thinkers.  My mother, Betty Smith, is a renowned Jungian philosopher and writer and she lectures world wide.  My father, Dr Myron Smith, was a nuclear Physicist and a member of the famous Rand think tank.  Myron also was a devoted harpsichordist who built his own instruments and repaired ancient ones. Betty  also played keyboards and early in her life performed piano concerti with symphony orchestras.  So one might say that I was raised on Bombs, Music, and Dreams.